Welcome 2012 – I shall write more from now on

What happened? There was work and very little time left for life which meant I never found the time to indulge in posting more reviews of my favourite things.

I have a colleague who used to be an editor at a magazine. I told her, it’d be my dream to be able to try different sorts of skin cares, makeup & fragrances for free. She then reminded me that beauty editors had to actually write as well, something I admittedly will not excel in. I guess this will have to do for now šŸ™‚

My 2012 resolution regarding my favourite things in life:

  1. Buy less perfumes
  2. Go for facials more frequently
  3. Spend more time tweezing my brows. MARTHA, my brows sorely miss you!\
  4. Not buy any bags.
  5. Put more effort into the way I dress
  6. Write more
  7. Get over my obsession with expensive candles

There are so many things I want to share with everyone! There are at least over 10 L’occitane products that I still haven’t blogged about (I’m still fairly obsessed with their body products).

Till then, here’s wishing me and anyone else who is reading “HAVE A KICK ASS 2012!”.


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