Diptyque Vanille and Feuille de Lavande Candles

A year ago I received a tiny Feuille de Lavande candle as a gift during Nordstrom’s Anniversary event.

Today, I finally have the regular sized candle. So exciting it motivated me to blog about it.


It’s an unsuspecting and if you ever came across a display candle and sniffed it – you’d be unimpressed. The candle when taken out of the box has the strongest herbal lavender scent, it’s to die for.

I also got hold of Vanille which is a new release. I think it’s fated because I was walking around one day and randomly thought ‘I love eau duelle, I should buy the candle version of it’. At that time, there was none and a month later ‘Voila!’. It smells like a smoky vanilla out of the box.

Diptyque is available at Mecca Cosmetica in Australia for $78 and I think RM240 at Ken’s Apothecary or Isetan KLCC.


Diptyque vetyverio – my go to winter scent

I am experiencing my first Melbourne winter and I can’t help but miss Sydney A LOT.

Nonetheless I am taking measures by layering up. Good ol’ merino wool.

There are certain scents that I preferring wearing in the colder months and lately I am smitten by vetyverio. I find vetiver to be ‘root-y’ most of the time but Diptyque has created a version that is a easier to wear but still the vetiver never takes a backseat. I was worried it would be too masculine but I am glad I took the plunge. I’d previously been given samples of this so I wasn’t sure why I still hesitated.

I have also been burning the candle and it smells so amazing, it actually gives me a feeling of warmth. This is my 2nd vetiver candle and it won’t be my last.

The perfume was purchased from Isetan KLCC in April when I was home for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday. I say this often about the SA at Diptyque Isetan KLCC and this applies to the other SAs who are commissioned to other brands but they are absolutely LOVELY. You never feel pressured and it’s such a relaxed and friendly vibe.

I was really bummed that eau de lavande and geranium rosa weren’t available for me to try so I’m just going to have to wait impatiently. In fact 3 mths have passed and I have yet to try them.

In Australia, Diptyque is available at Mecca cosmetica and in Malaysia / KL – Isetan & ken’s apothecary. The 50ml was RM295 from memory.


Nordstrom Anniversary 2013 Diptyque Offer

You would think having not worked for close to 2 months now I would have a lot of spare time to sort out my back dated posts but no…

I’m now busy packing up. It’s exhausting and annoying to say the least.

I met up with an ex colleague who is now a close friend in New York and I wanted to buy her something nice. I debated between Jo Malone because it is better presented than Diptyque but I couldn’t pass up on the offer Nordstrom had. So yeah, got myself another candle I said I would not buy.

Every year Nordstrom has its anniversary sale and they have a lot of different offers or sets in offer. This year 2 candles would get you a free candle wick trimmer and also a free lid. The retail for just the 2 items is about rm200!

I picked up Baies for her and Joie for myself because I didn’t know what to get as they no longer have Rose Duet. I doubt I will be burning this anytime soon though.

I really had fun chatting with the ladies trying on the different body products. I am head over heels in love with the body cream which is pretty expensive at USD90! Maybe next time.

On to the pics!

This is part of the Mina Perhonen collection and it is also available in Malaysia. Get it before its sold out!


My free gifts – trimmer, lid, mini volutes solid, mini lavender candle (love love love), all sorts of body samples and a Philosykos EDP sample.

Here’s the gift she got me, I was so touched also because I love L’occitane and this has everything I like from the brand and how cute is the basket?




Diptyque Fieulle de Lavande Candle


Currently on my bi-annual trip to the US. It’s been almost 2 weeks, something significantly horrible happened during my trip so I have sworn to not return to NYC anytime soon seeing 2 yrs ago when I was in NYC it was a pretty shitty 2 weeks I had to endure. To soothe myself while I make the best of my last day in NYC and to make the apartment smell nicer I couldn’t resist lighting this. It’s a mini that was a gift from a recent purchase (will blog about it later) and all I can say is – I am on cloud 9. Let me tell you, I barely get any hint of lavender while sniffing the unlit candle but after it is lit, O MI GAWD. The throw is amazing too. Doesn’t help that I’ve sprayed Chanel Jersey all over myself.

I am getting the full size when I have the cash. Oh wait I have sworn also not to buy any candles in 2013.


Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle


I think I am soon running out of orange blossom products to buy from Jo Malone. I just need to get my hands on the dry oil that has been discontinued.

I decided to light this candle a few weeks ago when I was feeling really stressed. There’s nothing more painful than lighting something as beautiful as this, there was a bow tied to the candle lid!

I was slightly disappointed by the throw but glad to say it got better the 2nd time. This is personally my favourite Jo Malone scent so no complaints from me.

How does this compare to Diptyque candles? Diptyque has a much better throw and is cheaper to buy (in Malaysia but comparable overseas). Jo Malone comes with a classy lid and scents unique to to the range which are absolutely lovely. If you have a lot of candles a lid is really important to maintain the longevity of a candle.

Next on my list is Rosemary and Rose which is a limited edition. I wonder if it will ever hit our shores.

Price: GBP30.40 from Heathrow. I believe in Malaysia it’s around RM270 at Pavilion.


Diptyque – Do Son



It’s not that I won’t do tuberose or gardenia fragrances, it’s just that I can’t.

Now I’m left with little choice but to learn to love this as it is fast becoming my partner’s fragrance du jour. Fortunately my senses are now semi accustom to this heady but dries down to something lighter and comforting without losing its characteristics scent, in fact I smell something green. The tuberose is quite creamy, never animalic and will suit day wear and will last hours. Amazing longevity.

From diptyqueparis.com

Relief from the sweltering climate, a pagoda on the shores of Ha Long Bay, where trade winds tenderly caress the flowers. A name that sings, undulating like waves upon a beach. Do Son is an eau de toilette rich with contrast, exuding the fresh, intoxicating sensuality of tuberose.

Available at ken’s apothecary and Isetan KLCC.


Coming Soon: Diptyque Eau Moheli

From beautyhabit’s Facebook page:


Eau Moheli is the 2nd fragrance in Diptyque’s Les Florales line.

Don’t remember if I like ylang ylang but I’m definitely looking forward to trying this seeing I am a huge fan of their fragrances.

The price for the 100ml will likely hover around the RM400+ mark.