Lemming: Dr. Hauschka Lavender Duo Set

Official name: Serenity & Relaxation gift set

I spotted this at Sephora KL this afternoon and was immediately drawn to

  1. it’s scent
  2. it’s price
  3. the fact that it was a value set 😀
  4. it felt like a nice product

It’s priced at RM131 which is slightly more expensive than US29.95 retail in the US but I think I can make this work if I use my Sephora card to get 10% off. I think you pay for the Moor Lavender Body Oil and get the 30ml Lavender bath for free.

What’s stopping me though is my inability to find a use for Lavender Bath. No bath tub, not into the compress method and ill equipped bathroom sink (no warm water or stopper) means I might not be able to utilize this.

Dr Hauschka Lavender Set

More info here: