Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliator

I can’t say I am entirely sold on Clarisonic so it’s great to have a scrub lying around. My cousin has been using this for years so when I had some Myer vouchers left I asked her to pick a bottle up for me.



I mix this with my gel cleanser (before foaming), exfoliate directly then rinse off. I find that if you add this directly to foam then it just doesn’t exfoliate as well.

Overall a pretty good scrub and feels so natural almost like using dried leaves on your skin, just check out the ingredients!

Price is about aud$39 for 35g.



Scrubs in tubes – L’occitane Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel & Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

The ‘ENJOY’ part of Aesop’s monthly newsletter got me rather excited, I emailed them straightaway and my kind cousin picked it up for me on April 19th, the day that their CS promised it would be available for sale.

Our fragrant, invigorating Geranium Body Scrub, a much-anticipated addition to our Geranium Leaf body care range. Geranium Leaf Body Scrub contains two grades of milled Pumice and micronised Bamboo Stem to provide exfoliation, while Geranium Leaf oil soothes and calms the skin. Mandarin and Bergamot oils are included for their ability to purify and disinfect. This scrub is ideal as a weekly deep-cleansing treatment, or for use after waxing or shaving to help avoid ingrown hairs.

I was first introduced to pumice as a scrubbing ingredient when I first used L’occitane’s Brightening Smoothing Exfoliator, it’s still my to go scrub but I have very little left and it’s now been replaced with a new one which hasn’t landed in the Malaysian stores. I did see them giving out samples to customers so I think it should be here in May.

My quick take on the Aesop Body Scrub:

Aesop Geranium Body Scrib

Fine pumice is really great if your skin can with hold strong exfoliation. I find this dense but not as dense as sugar scrubs and does a great job when it comes to exfoliating. The geranium and orange oil scent in the scrub is mild and it’s something that you won’t be able to detect on your skin after an hour. I would’ve preferred it to be a geranium rose combination, now that would’ve been divine. It’s also non oily and the gel base that glues everything together rinses off very easily. While this will not leave your skin feeling stripped, it’s not something that will leave it moisturised which is fine with me as that was never my intended results.

Packaging wise, it could be better. It’s not the most attractive green and it only takes a gentle press for the product to start spilling out of the nozzle.

This retails at the Aesop store for AUD$35.00.

Together with the Aesop scrub I also requested that she helped me pick up L’occitane’s Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the fragrance back in January from the Canal St store in New Orleans. I enjoyed the scent, it was slightly woody, slightly fruity and very easy to wear. I was excited to learn that it was finally available at the Malaysian stores but sadly for me, they only sell this in a set. See below for more details.

L'occitane Malaysia Plum Blossom Set

L'occitane Malaysia Plum Blossom Set

I enjoyed the scent but I don’t like fleeting fragrances plus, I wasn’t about to just pop down RM332 for things that I didn’t really need (it’s a lot of money). Lucky for me I managed to pick it up for AUD$24.95 before my 15% VIP discount.

My quick take on the exfoliating shower gel:

There’s not a lot of foam to it but surprisingly cleans very well. The almond shell granules are spread out mildly exfoliating my skin, it is a shower gel after all. I find that I need two squeezes to get enough product to cover my body so this is a product that will get finished fairly quickly. The scent does last a while on the skin and keeps my bathroom smelling very pleasant as well 🙂

L'occitane Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel

L'occitane Plum Blossom Polishing Shower Gel

It has the same screw cap concept as the Lemon & Honey Shower Gel and is so much more easier to control than the Aesop scrub.

A few other scrubs that I am hoping to be able to purchase one day.

  • Aveda Carribbean Scrub (sugar based, very densed and fairly oily, used during a spa treatment I had with them)
  • L’occitane Almond Delicious Paste (I’m worried that this won’t exfoliate very well)
  • L’occitane Shea Butter Scrub (sampled it and love it, great for those with dry skin)