Ecotools bronzer brush

If you’re an avid reader of beauty blogs then you are bound to come across Ecotools brushes.

I’m glad I picked this little gem up and it now serves as a backup for my sephora mineral powder brush which I am using almost everyday.

Circumference wise this is bigger than the sephora brush. It’s fluffy, soft, quite dense and hasn’t shed a bit.

I’ve mainly tested it out with powder products. For a less precise application I will use this, if I wanted a denser brush I would use the sephora brush.

What makes this so accessible is it’s price, only usd8.99 before tax. Even the sephora brush which is synthetic is almost triple in price and the MAC 142 would inevitably cost more. In Malaysia it’s sold in Shins but I’m sure you would have to pay a little bit more for it.