Byredo Bal D’afrique


1 year. That’s exactly how long I’ve wanted to get this perfume. It’s kind of nice to wait a while because too many perfumes I don’t use nearly enough so waiting makes me appreciate this a lot more.

I’d describe this as a fruity vetiver, that’s what it comes across to me. A bit dirty but uplifting at the same time and wears so well in winter – it lasts and lasts and it doesn’t morph into anything that’s too different. It’s quite unique.

The weather is a lot warmer now and unfortunately the staying power isn’t as good 😦 It smells pretty faint by the end of the day.

$158/50ml $229/100ml from Mecca Cosmetica


Byredo Bibliotheque Candle


Scents are a big part of my life so I was itching to scent my room with a candle. Mecca Cosmetica has always been my go to for niche brands just because it’s close to me, easy and I had a Myer gift cart left over from my Virgin points.

There I was tossing between Diptyque (Lavender), Le Labo (Fleur D’oranger) and this. I agonized for over and hour because I wanted all of them but only had enough money for one and guess what? It took a 30 sec conversation where the SA said “If you have many Diptyques, go for something different”. So I came home with this.

I asked her for the most popular one, gave it a sniff and because I wanted to be spontaneous I just went with her suggestion. This is not a scent I would usually go for. It reminds me a lot of Agent Provocateur’s perfume. Very feminine, musky, sweet.

Notes from Byredo.com:


For AUD$98 you get 240g which is larger than your normal Jo Malone or Diptyque. Overall, I enjoy the scent. The throw is good and I always get a whiff of it when I walk by the candle. Problem is that it’s a tad sooty when you first light it and doesn’t burn as well as I’d like it to. So i’m in the middle mark and it’s starting to form a well which for candles is BAD BAD BAD. Pretty sure it’ll collapse really soon and render my candle useless.