REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser & Foaming Cleanser review


This is my 2nd go at REN’s Rosa Centifolia’s cleansers the first being their 3 in 1 cleansing water. What keeps me interested in the range is probably the price, aesthetics, quality and scent.

I am a huge fan of Fresh but the only way I can get hold of them is by ordering from the US and while I enjoy using their products, I sometimes can’t help but find it to be overpriced. REN on the other hand is a lot cheaper and easier to get hold of – Mecca Cosmetica in Australia.

On to the reviews.

The foaming cleanser is a great alternative to Fresh’s Rose Foaming Cleanser. Your skin will still feel hydrated after a cleanse but keep in mind that it won’t be a thorough cleanse. Follow up with a cotton pad soaked with toner if you need to.

It retails for AUD26.00 at Mecca.

The hot cloth cleanser comes with a small face towel which you are meant to soak in warm water, squeeze dry with your hands and apply it over your face once you’ve applied the cleanser to your skin. Wipe it off your face using the same cloth. It does irritate my eyes slightly like the cleansing water does. On stubborn Japanese mascara, you would need a separate eye makeup remover but in general does a good job in removing makeup and keeping your skin hydrated. This is an alternative to hot cloth cleansers like Liz Earle but I prefer this version as it doesn’t feel as if I have something sitting on my skin after removing in from my face. I always double cleanse with the foaming cleanser just in case.

It retails for AUD32.00 at Mecca. The reviews for this specific cleanser has been really good.


Ren Moroccon Rose Christmas Set and Body Oil review



Christmas is awesome because you get to buy these exclusive sets that come with extras but cost less 😛

I was really taken by the scent of Ren’s cleansing water so I decided I wanted to try their body range! This christmas exclusive comes with a full size scrub, body oil and a travel sized body wash for GBP52. If you do the maths the products itself cost GBP32 (scrub) + GBP34 (body oil) + GBP8.5 (shower gel) so GBP52 is quite a lot of savings if you wanted all 3 products to start with. I only wanted the body oil so I actually was hesitating because it became a situation where I was spending more but for things I didn’t want / need.

20131201-170626.jpgBack to the body oil, as expected it smells of roses and 3 pumps is enough to cover both my legs. The scent sadly does not linger past the 1st hour 😦 It absorbs in about 10 – 15 mins and is really easy to spread. I would say I prefer this sort of packaging for body oils rather than the pour onto hands or spray that Caudalie uses. The spray mechanism is so annoying because it just gets everywhere. This on the other hand is a lot less messy. As for results, I would say it has helped reduce the dryness on my legs but it’s not a game changer.


Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask Review


I did say I was on a Ren binge so I also purchased this together with the cleansing water. This if I am not wrong is their best-selling mask and also a lot of rave reviews for this.

It reminds me a lot of Origins Never a Dull moment. They both have enzymes and papaya in them with the same gel texture and scent. I purchase this mainly because my skin is pretty awful. I’m breaking out and it’s so ridiculously congested. I still can’t find a good beautician so this sounded like what my skin needed.

I apply this for 10 mins over my face after my shower and then wipe it off with the muslin cloth. It’s an easy product to use and after rinsing the face has no burning sensation neither is it dehydrated. I’m just not sure this does much for my skin but I’m going to keep using and hope it clears my skin up because it was fairly pricey!

This is available at Mecca Cosmetica. I purchased mine from hqhair for GBP30.


REN Rosa Centifolia 3-In-1 Cleansing Water


One fine day, I felt like I needed to buy Ren again and so I did. I can’t say the previous 2 products I previously got WOW-ed me but I never really ever hear bad things about the brand so I wanted to give a few more products a go. I had intended to repurchase Caudalie’s Cleansing water but I get bored easily and I’m always wanting try something new.

This smells really nice 🙂 I enjoy the scent of roses, it’s so natural and never over-powering. It removes makeup effectively and feels very gently on my skin. Overall a very decent cleansing water BUT it stings my eyes. I’ve tried using it very close to my eyes and closing my eyes really tight and wiping over it and the outcome is that it stings! Best is to wipe very gently around it without getting too close to the eyeballs.

Needless to say, Caudalie might not smell at nice but all in all is a much better product seeing I can safely use it around and over my eyes without it stinging.

I paid GBP13 which is close to Caudalie’s price for 200ml.

I ordered mine from hqhair.com but it’s also available at Mecca Cosmetica for Australians and in Malaysia – Ken’s Apothecary.


Ren’s blemish fighter: Invisible pores detox mask


I am lazy when it comes to masks but I had to do something about the crazy pimples popping up.

I have no idea whether its stress, seeing I am not as stressed at work. I usually just blame it on my hormones.

A friend recommended this and I have been applying this quite diligently. I do think the amount of crazy pimples has reduced and when they do come out, it’s not as inflamed.

This is a clay mask with a subtle lavender scent that dries in less than 10 minutes which is great for lazy people like me. It also rinses off really quickly.

As for the ‘invisible pores’, well I never expected it to work any magic on my pores but if it does I will report back.

My friend has suggested that I use the omega serum after this and it does make the serum absorb a lot more easily.


My night time routine and the serum from REN that is a mosquito magnet

Part of my nightly rotation:

Ren Omega 3 Night Repair Serum. I did’t go out intending to come home with a new serum. I have heaps waiting to be used but the Sales Girl at Ken’s apothecary was so convincing in her sales pitch that I was sold. In fact, I had already picked out the calming cleansing gel and also rose otto body oil but who knows what was going through my mind. This has apparently saved her acne scar ridden face.

This serum is oily, I apply SKII’s skin signature on top of this even before the serum sinks in entirely because I just don’t have the time or patience. I haven’t seen any improvements but fortunately it hasn’t caused issues to my skin either. For RM219, I’m going to keep trying this product and hopefully see some kind of improvement on my skin.

One interesting fact that I bet you will not learn from anywhere else is that this serum is a mosquito magnet. I KID YOU NOT, the mosquitoes did not just land on my face once or twice but five freaking times. Uh-huh, I slapped 3 mosquitoes to death when they landed on my face, the 3rd one was a bit fast so I only managed to kill it during my 3rd attempt at slapping it.

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Lip therapy. I saw a whole bunch of eager ladies queuing up to buy this during its launch at Selfridges so I joined in -_-. Not a must have but I adore the scent, reminds me of sparkly grapefruit.

Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream. I swear I smell lavender but it could just be my nose. This is absorbed into my skin really fast and definitely suitable for use in warmer climates. I won’t recommend this for winter though, the creamy consistency which is thicker than normal lotions can be misleading.