A recap of Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong for 4 short days at the start of December only 4 short weeks ago but it feels like it’s been 3 months. It’s my 3rd time to the city and I still love it. I think it has the right balance of having ‘everything’ shopping wise without being too packed or crazy. If you’ve been to Orchard Road on a rainy day or Harajuku/Shibuya on any weekend, you would get what I mean about a city being too packed.

As I wasn’t that interested in shopping this time around I spent most of my time catching up with friends. I was a good girl this time, I used to come back with 2 luggages and it would usually be packed with new clothing. This time I had list of things I wanted to get and I mostly stuck to it.

Quick Summary:

  1. Blythe Foam Hair Dye. I usually use Liese but have read great reviews about this. As far as I know it is still unavailable in Malaysia.
  2. FANCL Face Puff. This is one puff I can’t leave out of my cleansing routine. I have not stopped buying this for at least 7 years. It helps exfoliate and remove grime a bit better. I was quite embarrassed walking into the store and only picking this up when the mainland chinese were buying things in the truckload.
  3. 3M Nexcare Facial Cleansing Cloth, this could replace the face puff. I bought a tub of Cleansing Cream from SK-II and this has been working very well in helping me wipe the residue off.
  4. LILYBELL Cotton Pads are unlike your normal cotton pads.They are thinner and look like soft bandages and gives a mild exfoliation effect. They remove cleansing milk/cream better and don’t absorb as much product when it comes to toners/lotions so you waste less. I bought 4 boxes, they aren’t easy to find and I had lots of luggage space.
  5. MyBeautyDiary Bird’s Nest Mask. Wasn’t on my list but was persuaded by a friend that it’s a cheap thrill. It was cheap for HKD58/10pcs. I’ve tried it once so far, not too bad and apparently bird’s nest one of their best masks.
  6. Diptyque L’ombre Dans L’eau. I spent the year regretting not picking this up when I was in New York and after learning that the cost was similar to the retail in the US, I just had to get it. It’s at least RM50-60 cheaper than the Malaysian retail price for the 50ml.
  7. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia cologne. The list of things I want from Jo Malone gets shorter by the year. My lust for this was certainly not as strong as my lust was for item 6 above but I really like this scent and this was almost on of those ‘pat on your back’ for working so damn hard. It was between this and the Xmas Coffret by L’artisan Parfumeur which had 3 x 15ml fragrances but it cost USD60 more so budget wins this time.
  8. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, Skin Signature, Cellumination Deep Surge, Gentle Cleansing Cream, Facial Treatment C, Signs Eye Cream, Cellumination Mask-in Lotion, 3-D Defining Mask, Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream. I’m glad to be back on SK-II. I ran out about 2 months ago and was convinced to purchase Sothys by my beautician. MY SKIN NO LIKEY at all.
  9. Dove Purifying Cleasing Foam (not pictured). Some of you might’ve heard of Dove’s Cleansing Oil Foam makeup remover (gold bottle). Well I’ve tried a few bottles of those and yeah, pretty decent for the price and when I saw that this was a stronger version I thought I’d give it a go except the purifying version that I got isn’t an oil-foam cleanser. It’s just a purifying foam cleanser however, I kinda like it. It cleanses really well without the tight feeling on my skin.
  10. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser (not pictured). What was I thinking? I don’t like Japanese cleansers because they always leave some kind of weird residue on your face, as if it’s thoroughly clean but it’s not. This is what it feels like. I should’ve stuck to the non oil-free version which I used to use, it was a much more superior product. This just feels CHEAP. REGRET REGRET REGRET.

One brand that’s missing from this whole list is L’occitane, even my boyfriend was surprised. WHAT? NO L’OCCITANE? *scratches head*