L’occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash


For 2 weeks I was alternating between L’occitane’s Green Tea and Almond Oil shower gel. Seeing they were both travel sizes and running out I decided to head to L’occitane (where else?) with the mission of finding something fairly hydrating.

Can I just say how I love the SAs at L’occitane. I wish the Malaysian SAs could be as casual and nice as the ones here? I love chatting with them and they always let me do my own thing without hovering or hanging around like a fly that just won’t go away.

I think Almond Shower Oil is probably best known for being their most hydrating shower gel but I just don’t feel that it cleaned my back well enough as I was starting to break out. I have also used almost every single shower gel L’occitane has in the store except for this.

So far I really enjoy using this. It foams well, smells good and 2-3 pumps is enough for 1 shower. The scent reminds me of their regular Shea Butter range but more comforting and less in your face. Overall, I would recommend you try this if you are looking for something that’s FAIRLY gentle. I think they could be discontinuing this or it was never meant to be part of their permanent range so grab it before it’s gone!

I also picked up my regular shampoo & conditioner duo so I was eligible to spend AUD$20 on this gift set. I do not honestly believe I should’ve even been asked to pay AUD$20, pretty sure you would’ve been given this free in the US but I did like the contents of it so I’ll make an exception this time.


It’s AUD$45 for 600ml and also comes in a honey scent as well. I am stoked I’m still eligible for their VIP 15% discount, it makes such a difference!


L’occitane Cherry Princess Shower Cream Review

I would describe this product as MEH. I wish I actually smelled it before I requested my friend to pick it up from Hong Kong. Actually I would were it not sold out at mid valley by the time it piqued my interest.

There’s nothing wrong with the product itself, the scent is just so cheap and replicable. Shame because I would’ve picked up the lavender shower gel instead.

It costs hkd160 which is around RM61, should be at least 10 bucks cheaper getting it from HK and they gave me samples to try which look like pretty good releases.

The mid valley SA was very doubtful when I told him I usually buy l’occitane overseas because it was cheaper. “All my hong kong customers buy a lot here because it’s cheaper in Malaysia”. It’s not before the price increase and most definitely not after the price increase. They even had 10% off everything during the Xmas period in HK. Fat chance that’ll happen here.

I did lie about my reason for not buying locally, I have no problems paying a bit more but…I’ll leave that for some other day.