Nuxe travel kit

Travelling with a pathetic limit of 20kg means I’m forced to buy the necessities at my holiday destination. Not that I’m complaining because France has a lot of options!

Priced at 9.99euros it’s quite a bargain (just don’t convert). I think this was better than the travel kit offered by caudalie if you’re after skin care. A quick review on the products.

Micellar water: couldn’t stand the scent, was ok, prefer caudalie.

Creme Prodigiuse: ┬áIt’s got a really strong floral scent that would give one the impression that it’s a heavy cream. By no means is the texture light but oily this is not.

Huile Prodigieuse: That famous dry body oil. One tiny bottle that has lasted so many uses, i’m impressed. The scent is quite overpowering so I picked the full size caudalie body oil over this.

Hand cream: MEH. kinda sticky sorta hydrating. I don’t like sticky.

Fondant shower gel: it’s really gentle, cleans fairly well but I don’t see the appeal.