A sad day…

The GE13 election after-math is proving to be quite entertaining. The shenanigans only Malaysian politicians are capable of.

I am also sad to learn that a relative has passed away. Her passing away has me thinking about making long term changes to my life choices.

My favorite Jo Malone sales associate has left Saks 5th avenue. Here I was looking forward to seeing her in July only to find out I’ve just missed her by 2 months. It’s hard to find SAs that I genuinely like and feel like I have a connection with.

Somber news aside, I have gotten my hands on a bottle of osmanthus blossom, I cannot wait to try it. Stay tuned.


One of those great weekends

Having my partner around gives me little reason to drive myself anywhere on the weekends. Seeing he hasn’t been around I’ve had to muster up the courage + strength to drive down to KLCC alone for my haircut which is long overdue and I also wanted to get him a bottle of perfume seeing how irresistible the deal from Maison Francis Kurkdjian was.

Not only did I manage to have my favourite breakfast (white coffee + kaya & butter toast + half boiled egg) I also got a hair cut, watched a makeup demonstration from Dior where he taught us how to create the perfect winged eye, tried on some clothes and caught up with my friends for High Tea. That coffee must’ve given me amazing powers. LOL 😀 

In the end, I didn’t get the bottle of perfume although I still like it very much. Never mind I still have a whole week to deliberate.