Weekend ramblings & more diptyque

I managed to get over my laziness and headed out for brunch. It wasn’t a good start to the day because the traffic into the city was horrid. It was as bad as peak hour morning traffic. You would think weekends would be an exception. It was a pricey brunch and the iced brewed coffee wasn’t to my liking but I was delighted to find the place scented with Diptyque (technically only the rest room). They lit a Baies candle but I think they were better off getting the outdoor candle for such a huge space. My ultimate dream would be one day buy a big ass Jo Malone outdoor candle for my home only because there’s nothing that I love more than their orange blossom candle.

ACME @ Troika KLCC




Diptyque’s holiday candles, I would love to pay the diptyque pop up store at bangsar village a visit again but it’s not good for my wallet. How pretty!


Source: diptyqueparis.com

Oh and something I picked up last month. Eau Duelle and body lotion to add to my l’ombre dans l’eau collection. Love it.



October is voucher month

Isetan vouchers are pathetic because I can’t use them on cosmetics.  I’m just bitter  😉

I’ve visited the KLCC, Gardens and 1 utama outlet and still don’t know what to do with RM80 worth of vouchers. When I finally did, none of the shoes I wanted came in my size. Did someone else in size 9 sapu-ed all the shoes I wanted from the Gardens outlet?

I’ve just lit a candle – L’occitane’s candied fruit candle. I know it’s a candle but it’s the best thing for drawers! I love how nice it makes my manchester smell.

I also have RM40 worth of vouchers from metrojaya expiring soon. Can’t decide what brand to get though. I’ve gone through 3 tubs of sk-ii skin signature eye cream but I think I want to see if there’s anything better.

Currently testing from a deluxe sample: Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Serum.

From sephora.com

What it is:A concentrated serum for the eye area.What it is formulated to do:Dior’s first eye zone boosting super serum, this product detoxifies, regenerates, and reinforces the eye contour to prevent the reappearance of visible signs of aging and fatigue (including dark circles and puffiness). Use for a smoother, more luminous, and visibly rested eye contour.Research results:By eliminating skin toxins,* Eyes Essential successfully triggers exceptional cellular regeneration to heighten the youthfulness of the skin.** *In vitro tests on ingredients.** In vitro tests conducted on ingredients: protection of cells of the epidermal basal layer containing stem cells.

We’ll see.


My cartels are coming home!

Which means I’m using this opportunity to get my cartels (aka my sisters) to lug back heavy things that I am usually too kiam siap to get them to post.

So far I have

  1. L’artisan Parfumeur – 2 bottles of perfume & several candles
  2. Calvin klein lingerie – Only brand I wear these days
  3. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere shampoo – keeps my all my sweaters and cardigan soft and bug free
  4. Laura Ashley coasters & drawer liners. I’m unwilling to spend a fortune on these at Metrojaya. RM70+ for 4 coasters REALLY? I got them for 1/3 of that price.
  5. Burn Candles – I got the ones with 3 wicks so apparently they are as heavy as boulders. My sister was very upset with me.

Yet to have ordered

  1. Clarisonic Mia – I still can’t justify why I would need this
  2. L’occitane bulb atomizer
  3. Laura Ashley hangers – to add a bit of girlishness to my wardrobe but it’s a space hogger
  4. Jo Malone Body Creme – Cheapest at heathrow but still costs a pretty penny
  5. Tesco Lemon Tree air refreshener

and the list continues…