L’occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash


For 2 weeks I was alternating between L’occitane’s Green Tea and Almond Oil shower gel. Seeing they were both travel sizes and running out I decided to head to L’occitane (where else?) with the mission of finding something fairly hydrating.

Can I just say how I love the SAs at L’occitane. I wish the Malaysian SAs could be as casual and nice as the ones here? I love chatting with them and they always let me do my own thing without hovering or hanging around like a fly that just won’t go away.

I think Almond Shower Oil is probably best known for being their most hydrating shower gel but I just don’t feel that it cleaned my back well enough as I was starting to break out. I have also used almost every single shower gel L’occitane has in the store except for this.

So far I really enjoy using this. It foams well, smells good and 2-3 pumps is enough for 1 shower. The scent reminds me of their regular Shea Butter range but more comforting and less in your face. Overall, I would recommend you try this if you are looking for something that’s FAIRLY gentle. I think they could be discontinuing this or it was never meant to be part of their permanent range so grab it before it’s gone!

I also picked up my regular shampoo & conditioner duo so I was eligible to spend AUD$20 on this gift set. I do not honestly believe I should’ve even been asked to pay AUD$20, pretty sure you would’ve been given this free in the US but I did like the contents of it so I’ll make an exception this time.


It’s AUD$45 for 600ml and also comes in a honey scent as well. I am stoked I’m still eligible for their VIP 15% discount, it makes such a difference!


L’occitane Fleurs D’Oranger Home Spray


What a beautiful orange blossom scent. Light, ethereal mixed with the warmth of honey. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to L’occitane’s interpretation of this flower. The perfume equivalent of this would be Comme Des Garçons’ Series 4: Citrico which is unfortunately fleeting on my skin.

I picked up a few candles and refills of this when I learnt that it would be discontinued. If you ever come across this don’t hesitate about grabbing one. Too bad they are kind of expensive.


L’occitane Lavender Shower Gel

I love how good this smells, l’occitane makes the best smelling lavender products.

As compared to the previous version, there’s not too much of a difference between the scent but I did notice that this scent fades really quickly. I have the 500ml foam bath in the previous version and the scent lingers for a whole evening!

Costs hkd170 (this is hkd10 more expensive than the other shower gels). Why?


I had lunch at Rakuzen last week and I spotted lavender ice cream.
Wonder if this is any good. Mmmm…



L’occitane Fleur Cherie Bath & Shower Gel




Waiting since 2009 to buy a shower gel that isn’t all that expensive sounds a bit silly eh? I guess it happens, things get in the way and there are just so many things to distract me.

Orange blossom & Neroli – two of my favourite notes.

Lathers well and the scent lingers a little while on my skin but it’s not my favourite as the scent skews towards ‘soapiness’ which you find with some orange blossom fragrances. Nonetheless, it’s pleasant, doesn’t smell cheap and I like this a whole lot more than Cherry Princess.



October is voucher month

Isetan vouchers are pathetic because I can’t use them on cosmetics.  I’m just bitter  😉

I’ve visited the KLCC, Gardens and 1 utama outlet and still don’t know what to do with RM80 worth of vouchers. When I finally did, none of the shoes I wanted came in my size. Did someone else in size 9 sapu-ed all the shoes I wanted from the Gardens outlet?

I’ve just lit a candle – L’occitane’s candied fruit candle. I know it’s a candle but it’s the best thing for drawers! I love how nice it makes my manchester smell.

I also have RM40 worth of vouchers from metrojaya expiring soon. Can’t decide what brand to get though. I’ve gone through 3 tubs of sk-ii skin signature eye cream but I think I want to see if there’s anything better.

Currently testing from a deluxe sample: Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Serum.

From sephora.com

What it is:A concentrated serum for the eye area.What it is formulated to do:Dior’s first eye zone boosting super serum, this product detoxifies, regenerates, and reinforces the eye contour to prevent the reappearance of visible signs of aging and fatigue (including dark circles and puffiness). Use for a smoother, more luminous, and visibly rested eye contour.Research results:By eliminating skin toxins,* Eyes Essential successfully triggers exceptional cellular regeneration to heighten the youthfulness of the skin.** *In vitro tests on ingredients.** In vitro tests conducted on ingredients: protection of cells of the epidermal basal layer containing stem cells.

We’ll see.


L’occitane Lavender relaxing roll-on

Read the reviews on the US L’occitane website. Sounds like a miracle product? It isn’t. What happened to the awesome L’occitane Lavender scent? This is quite herbal and a bit stringent. Doesn’t last and does nothing for me.

A product that delivers more would be Aveda’s blue oil, just don’t buy it in Australia because it’s overpriced.