SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream Review


My skin gets congested very easily so it’s important that I double cleanse after using cleansing oil / milk / cream to remove my makeup. This is the only exception.

I was intrigued when I first saw this released but couldn’t get a sample to try and during my trip to Hong Kong I bought in on blind faith that it’s SK-II, how bad can it get?

Not only was it not a disappointment, it’s everything I’ve been looking for!

I spread a dollop of this onto my dry face, massage it a little to get the make up off and then first wipe it with my 3M exfoliating cloth (damp) before rinsing it off with water. I find it more effective and quick using a wash cloth over cotton pads. What impressed me most was how it was emollient enough on the face yet so easy to rinse off afterwards with no yucky oily residue which is why I have never been a fan off cleansing milk and oil.

I’ve tried this on light and heavy makeup, it’s performed well on both with the exception of waterproof mascaras. I suggest you pre-remove eye makeup with something more suitable prior to using this. I’ve also gotten this in my eyes several times and it does sting a bit.

The scent itself is light rose, nothing too strong or worth shouting about.

It’s been almost 7 weeks and I have a little over half a tub left meaning a full tub would last me about 3 months plus which makes this a hefty investment as a tub should set you back around rm210 at least if my memory serves me correct but I paid HKD410 which makes it cheaper by RM50.

A cheaper and similar alternative is ultimation cleansing cream by Kose which is cheaper but richer and more emollient so I would have to double cleanse.