Ren Moroccon Rose Christmas Set and Body Oil review



Christmas is awesome because you get to buy these exclusive sets that come with extras but cost less 😛

I was really taken by the scent of Ren’s cleansing water so I decided I wanted to try their body range! This christmas exclusive comes with a full size scrub, body oil and a travel sized body wash for GBP52. If you do the maths the products itself cost GBP32 (scrub) + GBP34 (body oil) + GBP8.5 (shower gel) so GBP52 is quite a lot of savings if you wanted all 3 products to start with. I only wanted the body oil so I actually was hesitating because it became a situation where I was spending more but for things I didn’t want / need.

20131201-170626.jpgBack to the body oil, as expected it smells of roses and 3 pumps is enough to cover both my legs. The scent sadly does not linger past the 1st hour 😦 It absorbs in about 10 – 15 mins and is really easy to spread. I would say I prefer this sort of packaging for body oils rather than the pour onto hands or spray that Caudalie uses. The spray mechanism is so annoying because it just gets everywhere. This on the other hand is a lot less messy. As for results, I would say it has helped reduce the dryness on my legs but it’s not a game changer.


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