REN Rosa Centifolia 3-In-1 Cleansing Water


One fine day, I felt like I needed to buy Ren again and so I did. I can’t say the previous 2 products I previously got WOW-ed me but I never really ever hear bad things about the brand so I wanted to give a few more products a go. I had intended to repurchase Caudalie’s Cleansing water but I get bored easily and I’m always wanting try something new.

This smells really nice 🙂 I enjoy the scent of roses, it’s so natural and never over-powering. It removes makeup effectively and feels very gently on my skin. Overall a very decent cleansing water BUT it stings my eyes. I’ve tried using it very close to my eyes and closing my eyes really tight and wiping over it and the outcome is that it stings! Best is to wipe very gently around it without getting too close to the eyeballs.

Needless to say, Caudalie might not smell at nice but all in all is a much better product seeing I can safely use it around and over my eyes without it stinging.

I paid GBP13 which is close to Caudalie’s price for 200ml.

I ordered mine from but it’s also available at Mecca Cosmetica for Australians and in Malaysia – Ken’s Apothecary.


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