Jo Malone Limited Edition Rosemary & Rose Candle


1 month after purchasing the candle from Byredo I felt like I needed another one. It never ends does it? Having just the one candle can be boring!

I might have mentioned before that I wasn’t entirely impressed by my first candle which happened to be Orange Blossom but the throw of this candle is really good. It has also been burning really well! My only gripe is the packaging. I get that this is for charity but nothing about this candle aside from the scent reminds me of luxury. Shame because it would’ve been nice to have a candle lid!

More about this candle from

Inspired by a rambling English garden. Our Limited Edition Rose & Rosemary Charity Candle is abundant with roses, enlivened with invigorating thyme and deepened with rosemary and woody sage. Rustic and aromatic.

I enjoy getting a whiff of roses in between all that herb. It’s fairly invigorating!

I am not sure if they have this in Malaysia or Australia as I purchased mine from the US. It costs a bit more at USD75.

On a side note…I just saw pictures of Jo Malone’s Rain collection. Such beauties!!! I doubt I’d get it if it’s in a 100ml bottle though, it’s just too much of an investment.


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