Jo Malone Assam & Grapefruit. FINALLY~!


I remember trying this 3 years ago when I was in NY and ever since I’ve wanted to get my hands on this. Some of you might remember this from Jo Malone’s Tea Blend collection that sold out pretty quickly! I remember this and earl grey that really captured my heart. Fortunately, you can now get Assam & Grapefruit and Neiman Marcus (USD60 and also where I got mine) & Selfridges. I suspect Heathrow airport might have it but best to check!

A while ago I posted about getting Earl Grey & Cucumber. I loved it and I still love it. It’s still in Malaysia so I can’t wait till I get to spray it on myself again. A month ago, after wanting to get Assam & Grapefruit for over a year – I finally have it. I kept putting it off because I’d want to buy something else but there was no excuse when they also had a gift with purchase offer. It was just a 15ml Orange blossom body cream but I was sold!

I would warn those who intend to purchase that it’s as fleeting as Jo Malone gets so this won’t fare well in warm weathers but it is a warm tea scent that pairs well with the citrus from the grapefruit which never overshadows the tea scent. This would pair very well with Earl Grey & Cucumber. Which would I pick between the two? I don’t think I can decide.

You can read more reviews about the perfume here.


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