SK-II Stempower Essence review


It took less than a week of being in Melbourne till my skin started to flake. The hydraquench serum from Clarins just wasn’t sitting well with my skin so one fine day with plans to buy an eye cream, I came home with SK-II’s Stempower essence instead.

It sunk in really quickly and well when the SA tried it on my skin as compared to Facial Treatment C which was always gooey and smelly so I thought, why not?

The essence (I consider it a serum) is to be used after applying Facial Treatment Essence and before your daily moisturizer. I was told that it’s to help regenerate skin and reduce pores. I’m half way through my 30ml bottle and I still feel it’s not hydrating enough nor does my skin look any better. It hasn’t affected my skin adversely and is quite matte, you won’t have to worry about oiliness when it comes to this serum.

They had this amazing deal at Myer and you only had to spend AUD$99 to get the bag, your choice of 15g moisturizer, mask, cleanser, essence and clear lotion. This is a SK-II GWP opportunity that does not happen often or ever with a spend as small as $99.

30ml – AUD$120  / RM395 in Malaysia

I was really shocked how this was actually cheaper to buy in Australia, that again almost never happens as this is the land where everything is more expensive than most of the world.

I’m slowly falling into my bad ways, splurging on beauty products again 😦 I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff from an assortment of brands (Ren, Estee Lauder, Jurlique, Fresh, NARS) coming my way yet I’m still itching to try more. OH yes and a huge candle. It’s never ending eh? I already know carrying all of this home with me to Malaysia is going to be a bit of a nuisance.


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