L’occitane Bonne Mere Gentle Body Wash


For 2 weeks I was alternating between L’occitane’s Green Tea and Almond Oil shower gel. Seeing they were both travel sizes and running out I decided to head to L’occitane (where else?) with the mission of finding something fairly hydrating.

Can I just say how I love the SAs at L’occitane. I wish the Malaysian SAs could be as casual and nice as the ones here? I love chatting with them and they always let me do my own thing without hovering or hanging around like a fly that just won’t go away.

I think Almond Shower Oil is probably best known for being their most hydrating shower gel but I just don’t feel that it cleaned my back well enough as I was starting to break out. I have also used almost every single shower gel L’occitane has in the store except for this.

So far I really enjoy using this. It foams well, smells good and 2-3 pumps is enough for 1 shower. The scent reminds me of their regular Shea Butter range but more comforting and less in your face. Overall, I would recommend you try this if you are looking for something that’s FAIRLY gentle. I think they could be discontinuing this or it was never meant to be part of their permanent range so grab it before it’s gone!

I also picked up my regular shampoo & conditioner duo so I was eligible to spend AUD$20 on this gift set. I do not honestly believe I should’ve even been asked to pay AUD$20, pretty sure you would’ve been given this free in the US but I did like the contents of it so I’ll make an exception this time.


It’s AUD$45 for 600ml and also comes in a honey scent as well. I am stoked I’m still eligible for their VIP 15% discount, it makes such a difference!


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