Nordstrom Anniversary 2013 Diptyque Offer

You would think having not worked for close to 2 months now I would have a lot of spare time to sort out my back dated posts but no…

I’m now busy packing up. It’s exhausting and annoying to say the least.

I met up with an ex colleague who is now a close friend in New York and I wanted to buy her something nice. I debated between Jo Malone because it is better presented than Diptyque but I couldn’t pass up on the offer Nordstrom had. So yeah, got myself another candle I said I would not buy.

Every year Nordstrom has its anniversary sale and they have a lot of different offers or sets in offer. This year 2 candles would get you a free candle wick trimmer and also a free lid. The retail for just the 2 items is about rm200!

I picked up Baies for her and Joie for myself because I didn’t know what to get as they no longer have Rose Duet. I doubt I will be burning this anytime soon though.

I really had fun chatting with the ladies trying on the different body products. I am head over heels in love with the body cream which is pretty expensive at USD90! Maybe next time.

On to the pics!

This is part of the Mina Perhonen collection and it is also available in Malaysia. Get it before its sold out!


My free gifts – trimmer, lid, mini volutes solid, mini lavender candle (love love love), all sorts of body samples and a Philosykos EDP sample.

Here’s the gift she got me, I was so touched also because I love L’occitane and this has everything I like from the brand and how cute is the basket?




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