Clarins Duty Free Exclusive Body Set


I’ve been meaning to buy Clarin’s latest body lift cellulite control but didn’t want to invest rm210 in something I wasn’t sure would deliver much results.

I’ve always had doubts about shaping creams and what not but being a woman who would like to be slimmer, I wanted to try it.

So this set, you get a 100ml body lift cellulite control which is already rm105 and for rm75 extra you get all the extras.

So far I enjoy using the Tonic oil, the area around my butt is a lot more smoother 😛

The shaping cream smells incredibly fresh and green and is so nice on the skin.

As for the bust gel, I don’t believe anyone can make their breasts firmer or larger by just applying gel / cream so not much to report.

I won’t be trying the scrub anytime soon but if it’s spectacular I will report back.

It’s available at KLIA for rm180. Have spotted this in LAX and Changi too.


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