Space NK candle lighter

Space NK has been one space I’ve always ignored despite coming across their space in Bloomingdale’s many times.

I had a good time browsing through their store in SOHO this time and the service was friendly and not pushy. While I really wanted to try a lot of products, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on something I am not sure will work. How many times have we plopped money on something we didn’t need yet yielded less than stellar results? I’m still intrigued by Darphin’s Camellia Mask, maybe next time.

I did however leave with his nifty tool. It was something I had planned to get anyway because I didn’t like using standard lighters to light my candles.
I did contemplate getting the ones you would use to light the stove but they don’t look nice lying around in the bedroom.

This on the other hand looks sleek and well made.

Image taken from

My only gripe is the flame could be smaller and you can’t control it.
Edit: you can actually control it but I can’t make it budge.

Learn more here.

Cost: USD15 before tax.


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