Facials at 128Faubourg / Sothys Flagship Review

I read on Facebook that 128Faubourg is now also known as Sothys Flagship.

I have had my facials here for almost 2 years so it seems befitting that I write a post about my experience.

Here’s a summary about the environment:

  • The staff carry themselves professionally and are neatly attired
  • Private – you get your own room
  • Ambience – low lights, warm and nice settings, clean wrap and towels, soothing music
  • These are the treatments I’ve tried:
    Correcting Treatment (RM 220)
    For when I have pimples and congested skin, this is the least luxurious treatment because it involves extracting the gunk out of your face and use of tea tree / eucalyptus based mask to purify your skin so it could sting and tea tree never smells nice. The mist machine is unlike any that I’ve tried, it disperses the mist so evenly at just the right temperature.

    Brightening treatment (RM 260)
    For when I have a lot of scars as a result of scratching my pimples 😦
    I’ve only tried this once and remember enjoying a face massage that went with the treatment. Don’t expect to see instant results, this is something you need to be doing consistently.

    Hydra lift treatment (RM260)
    Perfect for those with dehydrated skin. My 2nd favourite treatment from Sothys. Expect to have amazingly supple, bouncy and hydrated skin after this treatment.

    Synergy Plus Treatment (RM290)
    My favourite among the lot. I have dehydrated yet oily skin, sounds familiar? I am glad someone came up with this. It’s always frustrating when you are prescribed something really hydrating yet it makes your skin too oily. The aim of this treatment is to normalise your skin’s condition. There are 2 types of skin conditions that they target, the beautician will be the best person to recommend the right treatment for your face. This also includes 2 ampoules meaning more face massages!

    I do think the prices are a bit on the high side so in order to make it more affordable, you have to get their packages and there are certain times of the year when you can get better offers. I am thinking open days as well but don’t expect bargain offers. You are usually going to pay the same amount for your treatments in the form of credits and get free eye treatments and some product offers thrown in. Although I would rather spend less on my facials seeing i go every month, you really get what you pay for. If only they had 6 months interest free right? Ok maybe it’s just me. Oh and first time customers get 30% off.

    I have been to serenity skin therapy which uses Thalgo products but the facials at 128Faubourg are so much more luxurious including the overall setup. If anyone wants to share any other awesome places for facials do leave a comment.

    They are located everywhere: 1 utama, great eastern mall, bangsar village 2, bangsar shopping centre, empire and publika.


    8 thoughts on “Facials at 128Faubourg / Sothys Flagship Review

      • Hey you need to keep doing this until your skin is better. Do you go for facials often? If you don’t then I do agree it is necessary to follow up in a month because they won’t get all the junk out the 1st time. Your skin should get better by the 3rd visit.

        • I try my best to go for regular facials. At times, my schedule doesn’t permit it. This time around, I have to go back for a follow up treatment every 2 to 3 weeks until it gets better. I am still considering whether to sign up for their package or not. I am not that keen as it’s not much of a bargain offer since the same amount will be deducted from the package.

        • Yes I find that although there are packages, it never really is that ‘affordable’! Did they offer you the package to redeem products with credits? I find that to be the most affordable only if you use their products. If you plan to go back at least 4 times probably worth getting their package.

          2 weeks for your first follow up, if your skin looks better then 3-4 weeks to maintain sounds about right!

        • They offered the ones where I can get products worth RM500 and RM800. Well, their products are priced on the high side, I am curious about the credits as I don’t recall them mentioning it, Could you tell me more, please? I will continue to go back for follow up treatments for my breakouts for the time being.

        • Should more or less be something like pay rm1200 and get rm1000 of credits to use on your facials and rm500 products? Their products are quite expensive.

        • Oh that. Yeah, it’s the RM1280 package and more. Now I understand what credits mean. That’s the reason why I am not keen on their package at the moment – the facial full amount is deducted from it. I see it from another perspective – I am paying them in advance for the treatments that I have yet to go through. It is true that when we sign up for such packages, we can get the products worth RM500 or RM800 free, somewhat. I am not that keen on their products (maybe 1 or 2, yes but not the entire range) because I have many skincare products at home, and I find some of their products are not as effective as they should be. As with their facials, I can’t comment that much yet as this is only my 2nd time to their facial saloon for facial.

          Are you still their customer as of now?

        • Yah i still go every month but haven’t converted to using their products. I mostly just get them because of the packages. I’d prefer if it they threw in free eye treatments and all which they do occasionally depending on the package.

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