Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

I am freeeeeeeeeeeee! I’ve been bogged down by work, huge launch coming up. Can’t wait till it does and I am officially unemployed. It was a big decision to leave so hopefully it was the right move.


I almost never buy skincare / makeup / fragrance on the spot, I don’t have the luxury to do so because all my money goes to travelling and bags. I reckon if you take a week to think about something you might end up realising that you never needed it in the first case.

This powder on the other hand was purchased on the spot without any prior planning. The make up artist had such amazing skin, I was bowled over. I kept looking at her skin, all she had on was some of the les beiges cream (released as part of the range) and the sheer powder. So yeah there are exceptions to my own rule.

I was matched to no. 10, I really am not that fair (NC 25) but due to its sheerness it works.

Unless you have amazing skin, you can’t use this alone.

I love this as a finishing powder, it’s not chalky at all and gives me a healthy glow. I’ll use this for longer to see if it will replace my favourite Diorskin Nude Loose Powder.

Price: RM 165


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