Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle


I think I am soon running out of orange blossom products to buy from Jo Malone. I just need to get my hands on the dry oil that has been discontinued.

I decided to light this candle a few weeks ago when I was feeling really stressed. There’s nothing more painful than lighting something as beautiful as this, there was a bow tied to the candle lid!

I was slightly disappointed by the throw but glad to say it got better the 2nd time. This is personally my favourite Jo Malone scent so no complaints from me.

How does this compare to Diptyque candles? Diptyque has a much better throw and is cheaper to buy (in Malaysia but comparable overseas). Jo Malone comes with a classy lid and scents unique to to the range which are absolutely lovely. If you have a lot of candles a lid is really important to maintain the longevity of a candle.

Next on my list is Rosemary and Rose which is a limited edition. I wonder if it will ever hit our shores.

Price: GBP30.40 from Heathrow. I believe in Malaysia it’s around RM270 at Pavilion.


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