Ren’s blemish fighter: Invisible pores detox mask


I am lazy when it comes to masks but I had to do something about the crazy pimples popping up.

I have no idea whether its stress, seeing I am not as stressed at work. I usually just blame it on my hormones.

A friend recommended this and I have been applying this quite diligently. I do think the amount of crazy pimples has reduced and when they do come out, it’s not as inflamed.

This is a clay mask with a subtle lavender scent that dries in less than 10 minutes which is great for lazy people like me. It also rinses off really quickly.

As for the ‘invisible pores’, well I never expected it to work any magic on my pores but if it does I will report back.

My friend has suggested that I use the omega serum after this and it does make the serum absorb a lot more easily.


3 thoughts on “Ren’s blemish fighter: Invisible pores detox mask

  1. Hey, I just started using REN to help my own, annoying hormonal breakouts, lol. I am using the ClearCalm facial cleanser, Ultra Moisture day cream, and I’m considering using the ClearCalm Replenishing Night Serum because I wonder if everything else would work better if I followed their 3 step system :-/. I just started out as well so I haven’t been able to see if there is a difference. My skin freaked out recently and I’ve been trying everything to get it together because it usually cooperates! Hope it works well for you! -Sam

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