My night time routine and the serum from REN that is a mosquito magnet

Part of my nightly rotation:

Ren Omega 3 Night Repair Serum. I did’t go out intending to come home with a new serum. I have heaps waiting to be used but the Sales Girl at Ken’s apothecary was so convincing in her sales pitch that I was sold. In fact, I had already picked out the calming cleansing gel and also rose otto body oil but who knows what was going through my mind. This has apparently saved her acne scar ridden face.

This serum is oily, I apply SKII’s skin signature on top of this even before the serum sinks in entirely because I just don’t have the time or patience. I haven’t seen any improvements but fortunately it hasn’t caused issues to my skin either. For RM219, I’m going to keep trying this product and hopefully see some kind of improvement on my skin.

One interesting fact that I bet you will not learn from anywhere else is that this serum is a mosquito magnet. I KID YOU NOT, the mosquitoes did not just land on my face once or twice but five freaking times. Uh-huh, I slapped 3 mosquitoes to death when they landed on my face, the 3rd one was a bit fast so I only managed to kill it during my 3rd attempt at slapping it.

Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Lip therapy. I saw a whole bunch of eager ladies queuing up to buy this during its launch at Selfridges so I joined in -_-. Not a must have but I adore the scent, reminds me of sparkly grapefruit.

Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream. I swear I smell lavender but it could just be my nose. This is absorbed into my skin really fast and definitely suitable for use in warmer climates. I won’t recommend this for winter though, the creamy consistency which is thicker than normal lotions can be misleading.


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