Weekend ramblings & more diptyque

I managed to get over my laziness and headed out for brunch. It wasn’t a good start to the day because the traffic into the city was horrid. It was as bad as peak hour morning traffic. You would think weekends would be an exception. It was a pricey brunch and the iced brewed coffee wasn’t to my liking but I was delighted to find the place scented with Diptyque (technically only the rest room). They lit a Baies candle but I think they were better off getting the outdoor candle for such a huge space. My ultimate dream would be one day buy a big ass Jo Malone outdoor candle for my home only because there’s nothing that I love more than their orange blossom candle.

ACME @ Troika KLCC




Diptyque’s holiday candles, I would love to pay the diptyque pop up store at bangsar village a visit again but it’s not good for my wallet. How pretty!


Source: diptyqueparis.com

Oh and something I picked up last month. Eau Duelle and body lotion to add to my l’ombre dans l’eau collection. Love it.



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