First cake then Diptyque

Cake will be an obsession I will never get over. Today reminded me of my normal weekends in Sydney – as if I were at Adriano Zumbo’s cafe in Balmain to be exact. The cake was just the way I liked it, better enjoyed over a cup of latte while reading trashy magazines.


Not intending to shop I just wanted to stop by the Diptyque pop-up in Bangsar Village 2 to play around with the perfumes and find another scent to add to my wishlist.

Well I guess this visit was meant to be, another one to add to the collection (1st one mentioned briefly here). Yeah, it was probably at least RM50 more expensive than buying it in HK but the service and generosity was 2nd to none. If I could turn back time, I would’ve gotten my bottle of L’ombre dans L’eau from the guys here as well.

My friend might have a point, HK has such a huge influx of visitors especially those from china who are there to splurge that they don’t feel like they need to make an effort to win over customers.


I hope more niche brands are bought into Malaysia at more reasonable prices, imagine Jo Malone in KL one day. I’m glad that Tangs 1 utama has a pretty extensive range of L’artisan Parfumeur but the staff
I encountered over the weekend was irritating.


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