My cartels are coming home!

Which means I’m using this opportunity to get my cartels (aka my sisters) to lug back heavy things that I am usually too kiam siap to get them to post.

So far I have

  1. L’artisan Parfumeur – 2 bottles of perfume & several candles
  2. Calvin klein lingerie – Only brand I wear these days
  3. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere shampoo – keeps my all my sweaters and cardigan soft and bug free
  4. Laura Ashley coasters & drawer liners. I’m unwilling to spend a fortune on these at Metrojaya. RM70+ for 4 coasters REALLY? I got them for 1/3 of that price.
  5. Burn Candles – I got the ones with 3 wicks so apparently they are as heavy as boulders. My sister was very upset with me.

Yet to have ordered

  1. Clarisonic Mia – I still can’t justify why I would need this
  2. L’occitane bulb atomizer
  3. Laura Ashley hangers – to add a bit of girlishness to my wardrobe but it’s a space hogger
  4. Jo Malone Body Creme – Cheapest at heathrow but still costs a pretty penny
  5. Tesco Lemon Tree air refreshener

and the list continues…


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