Marc by Marc Jacobs 10th Anniversary Skull Tee

Marc by Marc Jacobs has just released some of their old popular designs as part of their 10th Anniversary. What a great idea!

The range includes few memorable printed tees, several scarves and some very cute albeit slightly overpriced dresses. The dresses, I can no longer afford as I will soon be working in Malaysia and living here has turned out to be more expensive than I anticipated.

This however, is still affordable at USD$68. I saw this at the Pavillion store retailing for over RM300. EEPS! I think I’m gonna stick to internet shopping.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Skull Tee

Marc by Marc Jacobs Skull Tee

I have a confession to make. I have the exact same tee purchased close to 8 years ago that I have yet to worn, it even has it’s tags still attached. I just need to locate it, regardless I won’t be able to fit into it. At that time, all the HK celebrities were wearing it and it just looks really nice underneath a black blazer. Something’s different about it though, the reason why I never wore it was because the cutting is entirely different from what it is now. While the one I have short, tight and of a thicker cotton material, this is long, loose and of thinner material that I’m more accustomed to.


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