L’occitane Rose Des Neiges & Peony Shower Cream Review

Source: Loccitane.com

Source: Loccitane.com

When it comes to picking out body cleansers, I would always pick gel formulas. It’s mainly because I have the type of skin that breaks out very easily and it has to be clean with no oily residue left on my body.

After experiencing a very harsh winter, my skin is now very receptive and even thankful for the occasional break from gel formulas.

L’occitane’s Rose des Neiges and Peony Shower cream are now my 2 go to shower creams.

Rose Des Neiges shower cream was created as part of a limited edition collection for Christmas 2010. It’s inspired by the white winter rose, I’m glad I managed to get my hands on this, although it’s limited edition, there still seems to be plenty of stock in the Malaysian stores.

The shower creams are priced at HKD$150 / RM73 for 250ml.

Here’s a quick review & comparison of both:

  • They both smell amazing and the scent on my skin and bathroom is still detectable after an hour. I would like to get my hands on the Rose Des Neiges (RDN) body cream and Peony Flower (PF) Body Milk to enhance the experience.
  • The texture of RDN is more fluid than PF. I find that RDN creates a lot of foam that can rival most shower gels whereas the foam from PF is minimal.
  • RDN cleanses better than PF but isn’t as moisturizing.

Aside from the 2 shower creams, L’occitane also has an Almond Shower Oil that is one of their best sellers and it’s also meant to be moisturizing as well. I’ll have to use more of my bottle as I’m still undecided about it.

If you are looking for another gentle and creamy rose scented shower product, I would recommend you check out Stella’s McCartney’s Gentle Body Cleanser.


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