Marc by Marc Jacobs: Miss Marc, oh how you make me smile

About time I expressed my love for the Miss Marc range.

My first item was a T-shirt purchased at the Melrose Avenue boutique and since then, I’ve just had to have every t-shirt from the range minus several hits and misses. Don’t fret pet comes to mind.

This is how it started, I came across Miss Marc holding a pineapple Source:

Why does it make my heart leap in joy? I don’t know, there’s just something about it that puts a smile on my face. My only regret is not knowing about this range earlier!

I’m fully aware that the range is probably more suitable for the young ‘uns but I’ve always been one for buying cutesy items and it’s nice to have a laugh at myself sometimes.

The Miss Marc merchandise includes handbags, scarves, tees, bathing suits, towels, umbrellas, jewelery, electronics, watches and shoes.

The items are not cheap per se but I have been impressed by the quality of the fabric. I find the cotton used in the Marc by Marc Jacobs range in general too be softer and more delicate.

There’s no denying that the Miss Marc character is popular and this has lead to the abundance of counterfeit items easily found on eBay or Chinese auction sites. It’s disappointing because the real thing generally ranges from usd$58 to usd$98 (t-shirts), sometimes higher meaning that it’s not exactly a cheap buy. The ones on the auction sites will not cost you more than usd$30. I say choose wisely when you’re looking to buy one from auction sites. I’ve come across girls on blogs or on the streets wearing the t-shirts that are fake and that’s a major turn off but there’s not much you can do.

Here are a few items that are no longer in production and I wish I could turn back time and add them to my collection:




Here is another one that should be available very soon. I must have it but I better save up because it’s USD$118:

Source: Saks

I thought I’d add this. I confess now that if they had an adult version of this swim suit, I might just wear it.

Source: Saks


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