Jo Malone Sales Associates not generous with samples outside of the US?

I just noticed a pattern with Jo Malone Sales Associates. Having shopped with them in Sydney (usually), London (twice now on my behalf) and Hong Kong (just recently) it does seem like they’re not very generous with samples. In fact, until my latest trip to New York, I’d NEVER received a single sample with my purchases. I know you do get a sample if you purchase through their online store so that would be the exception.

The drought ended during my latest trip to the US and the sales associates that I’d spoken to were more than keen to flourish me with samples.

Jo Malone Samples

AMAZING! The deluxe samples in the box were part of a SAKS promotion.

WOW WEEEEEEEEEE…I just want to say, if I were in the US, this kind, generous and friendly SA will get my business EVERY SINGLE TIME. She deserves it. If I had friends in the US who likes Jo Malone as much as I do, I’d make sure that they give their business to her.

Back to the point of this post, I don’t get it, why are they only generous with samples in the US. Has your experience been different and is it really too much to ask for a sample when you make a purchase?


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